Sunday, May 5, 2019

Signs in Harrington

Local artist, Gavin Wagner has been busy around Harrington.  First Heather and Justin at the Post and Office got the idea to have him paint their logo on the side of their building.  It looked so cool, that Jill at the Studebaker garage asked him to do some work at her building!  Then Les LePere got the idea to have him renovate the painting above city hall!

This sign was designed and installed by Alan Barth.  Alan passed away a few years ago, but left a lasting legacy through his children, who continue his business of restoring vintage cars.  Alan is the person that brought Cruzin' Harrington to our small town and each year it brings hundreds of people to town, to experience small town hospitality.  Alan's children and numerous friends are committed to promoting and supporting business and tourism in Harrington.  

Gavin painted this sign for Jill on the side of the Studebaker garage.

This sign was painted a few years ago by a friend of Alan's.  It signifies that this building was formally known  as "The Ford Garage".  Now locals refer to this building as both "The Ford Garage" but more commonly these days as "The Studebaker Garage".  I love it that we acknowledge both the history and the new life that this building represents.  

Gavin painting, sharing his incredible talent with the town of Harrington.  

Also on the renovation list was the sign at the Electric Hotel.  Again, Les helped Karen and Jerry get hooked up with a fellow in Ritzville that re-painted the sign in historically accurate colors and a friend of Les' did the neon work.  It's so cool!

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