Saturday, June 8, 2019

Cruzin' Harrington

May 18th was a fun day in Harrington!  It was the date of our annual spring community celebration.  It's a car show, a quilt show, a tour show of the historic buildings in Harrington.  A time to visit with friends and neighbors as well as a chance to meet new folks that come to town!

The weather cooperated with a spectacular blue sky, giant puffy clouds and moderate temperatures.  A perfect backdrop to a wonderful day.

Here are a few to Timothy Tipton.
The Hotel was open for tours.  Jerry and Karen also invited several artists to participate in a pop up shop which was well received by all.  
The Hawk Creek Duo performed in the lobby of the Hotel.

A shot of main street full of cars, car owners, and car appreciators!
A few offerings at the quilt show which took place in the historic Opera House.

More quilts!

The Harrington Area Chamber of commerce is raising funds to turn this empty lot in to a community gathering space.  More information can be found at the Harrington Area Chamber of Commerce website.

A couple Harrington residents enjoying the BBQ and extensive collection of antiques at the Studebaker garage.  

A couple kiddos enjoying some cotton candy!  

This restored gas pump was outside the Post and Office for the day, but has found a new, temporary home inside for the summer!  A couple ways to refuel!!

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