Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Late Fall in Harrington

I have been invited to write occasional blog posts for the Harrington Area Chamber of Commerce website.  You will see these posts here, as they post this link from their website.  I've been thinking about this for about six months.  My posts will be focused on Harrington area businesses and happenings.  I think it's going to be lots of fun!

One of the neat things about living in Eastern Washington is four distinct seasons.  Fall happens to be my favorite.  I love the progression that begins around mid-September running through the end of November.  October is by far my favorite month of the year.

Late fall in our little community of Harrington is particularly beautiful.  Today I wandered around town, taking a few images of fall foliage that remained on some trees, leaves that have fallen, and homes that are decorated for the season. 

There are so many pretty views of the Harrington Golf Course.  This is the one I see every time I drive in to town! 

Studio 1 on South 3rd is a new business in town.  They sell machine embroidery items and hand crafted wood products such as pens, pepper mills, cutting boards and more.  Paula loves to decorate the front of the store to reflect the seasons. 

Even the school gets involved with decorating for fall!  Check out the retro vintage bicycle in the background!

This tree across from the school is gorgeous year after year.

I have loved this house since I was a little kid.  So happy that the current occupants are taking such good care of the house and yard and adding fun decorations for others to enjoy!

Doesn't this make you smile?

A pretty tree and some colorful pumpkins.....

and, flying the Cougar flag, hoping for another win this weekend!

A cozy porch chair to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the season.

More decorating in anticipation of Trick or Treat kiddos on Halloween evening.   

And another house ready for Halloween!
The city park is a great place to go in the fall to rake up leaves in to a pile and jump!

Another view of the park.  

The cemetery is so beautiful each and every season.  

This may be my favorite place in all of Harrington.

The beauty of the grounds, combined with the history of those have done much to create our town legacy brings comfort and a great deal of appreciation to me.  

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  1. Hi, Linda. Your blog is a great way to let locals and potential visitors know more about Harrington. I look forward to the next installment! How often do you plan to post?
    Thanks for taking it on!
    Cherie MacClellan